align="right">Amidst nagging doubts, my bitcoin casino venture was like exploring the underworld. I had read about dark dealings with bitcoins especially the Silk Road case when bitcoins were stolen online. How does one steal something that does not exist?

My world of bitcoin satisfaction

Well, I gambled online with bitcoins in stimulating games like Bingo and Pai Gow Poker, both exciting card games that harked back to my school card games. My initial ecstasy did not depend upon winnings but participation alone. I identified myself with every gambler, past, present and future. I was yet learning the ropes. My social network had a few tips that instilled confidence and community feeling.

I had lost nothing even if I had not won much. The Wheel of Fortune favored me like many things in life. Some power deep inside convinced me that I could control the spin of that dramatic wheel. I willed it to stop at 99 and so it did, strangely enough! Bitcoins had blessed me yet again.

Is bitcoin a new currency?

With the estimate of $400 billion in November 2013, bitcoins are no small fry. In February 2014, bitcoins did $68 million in a single day’s business. Western Union does $225 million every day and Visa $19 billion each day! Slowly but surely, bitcoin ATMs are coming into existence starting with Vancouver, Canada. Subway accepts payments in bitcoins and why not? Satoshi Nakamoto’s whim has spread like a good virus hopefully. I never stopped wondering!

Future of bitcoin

In spite of qualms regarding legality and viability, bitcoins are here to stay. The advantages are a lucid freedom without supervising banks or statutory authorities. Person to person transfers should be good enough. We are doing that all the time like if I happened to buy your old car, for instance.
What do the laws say? Canada believes that bitcoins cannot be considered currency. Germany treats bitcoins as a foreign currency. Some in Argentina use bitcoins as an alternative currency. Is it possible that bitcoins could challenge existing currencies like the yen and the pound? Not likely but it could still touch the sky as a sensational new way to pay.

Where is the currency world heading to?

Exasperating multiple currencies pile up like a Tower of Babel that would hopefully reach the sky. Bitcoins open up thrilling new horizons. Currencies with problems may find bitcoins a feasible alternative. Gradual acceptance is bound to come sooner rather than later. I found nothing depraved about it. Did you?


Novelty always intrigues and I became obsessed with bitcoins when I first read about it. But then I couldn’t buy bitcoins like electronics or dresses. I wished to explore further. I realized that bitcoins didn’t really exist. Like many things in today’s world, bitcoins represent virtual money. Fake money like fake friends, I surmised.
The casino game attracted me since my teens. Casinos not existing in the town where I studied made them even more fascinating. Besides, casinos are associated with the affluent and the rich always bewitched me. My father bet on race horses and that was my first experience of gambling. The small scale bets resulted in little elation or disappointment.

Beginning Losses

I have found initial disappointments in almost every experience in life, even while shopping. I won’t talk about love affairs because they are not material things. I had not quite realized the true value of bitcoins if such real values exist at all in the virtual world out there. I had initially thought that bitcoins were like cents or pennies. That unconscious mistake probably led to my early losses. I had somehow missed the truth that a bitcoin is today valued at $1000!
Everything happened very fast in the bitcoin world unlike real world currency processes where waiting periods never end. I joined the bit coin casino site that took my breath away. The alluring website landing page presented some strange creatures, alien like. I began to wonder. Animals do not gamble. Yet my infinite love for flora and fauna prompted my decision.

I met somebody who had done it all and he allayed my apprehensions. My digital wallet was alive! My initial elation ended with a week of losses, not very big though. The gaming process is easy enough. You download nothing. Instructions at every step make it easy even for the beginner. I was not really new after my experience of casinos with real currency. Little had I realized that gambling with bit coin would become my forte!
Slot machines are innocent games of chance where you select numbers. Gambling all right but that is a dirty word like drinking. Everybody gambles every day of their lives with time, work, journeys and money. I almost forgot the love factor.

Stupendous Games

I have always found names like roulette, blackjack, bingo, baccarat and poker hard to resist. The dice fever and card games are familiar to everybody, part of growing up. I wished to do it all out there in the limelight ambience like in the movies where dramatic scenes unfold in life size on the big screen.

Winning Spree

Poker in its many forms turned out to be my lucky star. I had been attracted to cards as early as primary school. I went through the sensational processes quite successfully. I did not fold in any game. The three card and five card games came off very well and new names like Texas and Omaha Hold’em and Pineapple remain riveted to my memory. Crazy names for crazy games, I thought. The 7 Card Stud reminded of my school experiences. I was elated to the skies but kept it all to myself because my boy friend wasn’t responding. I shopped lavishly though for that Sony music system of my dreams.

I was now getting rich but I remembered the article about the evils of gambling. I had set my limit to $10,000 for losses. I had set no limit to my winnings though. I stopped only because I was getting too tired late in the night. I had to wake early for an important assignment requiring extensive travel. Goodbye to casino games for now. Hats off to bitcoin casino games!


align="left">Fancy has led me down many alleys, some more successful. Heady inspiration and quick success in one field was sometimes rapidly followed by stinging defeat elsewhere. All happened in some little ways before I gambled online with bitcoins in casinos.

I did the regular online casino with real currency though I could never summon the guts to step into the brick and mirror casino. I only peeped through the windows and the sights stupefied me. I always think of CCTV cameras wherever I go and I do not want to be videoed all the time. I have a few things to hide from the world. I feel that my face reveals the secrets inside. Moslem women are lucky. They hide behind dark veils. Maybe it would be better to do it all in the safety of my private room. The internet has blessed us with such intimate adventures!

How it all began

Somebody called Satoshi Nakahito invented bitcoins sometime in 2009, the virtual currency that grows perpetually. Is bitcoins a new currency? Is it something like the euro or the dollar? Not really. They are invisible, existing only as numbers online. The lack of physical appearance only multiplies the mystery.

Learning the ropes

The association of bitcoins with online crime only increased my worries. We know too well what gambling is all about. Though not addicted to gambling, I realize that a person must be prepared to lose the wager. The thought of easy winnings without toil is the magic that attracts players. Addicts on the other hand let things go out of control and that is sad indeed. Addictions unfortunately plague materialistic societies in abundance like drugs too.

I excitedly spent several hours researching the short history of bitcoin casinos and the longer history of regular casinos. The terms and conditions, the do’s and don’ts and the dangers of the online world were getting into my bones. Screens are heady too and clever graphics hook many innocents. Some websites appeared quite convincing but then I tried to avoid getting carried away by appearances. The get rich quick dream drives every gambler and the fascinating website designs do promote extravagant dreams.

Casino gambling euphoria

Dice games and gaming machines are my favorites. I played with the little dice as a child. It appeared mountain like now. The little I had grown too into a giant! Yet the Craps system was not simple. I had to learn the rules and the numbers. Seven and eleven would win, it said. I had set a limit for my losses after which I would definitely quit no matter what. I was moderately successful with a few wins.
The roulette has the clever ball instead of my beloved dice. The rotating wheels engulfed me once again in dreams of big money. I was not greedy, only excited. I had experienced what gamblers did down the ages like the Facebook of our times. I avoided my other favorite card games for the time being. One thing at a time is the best policy.